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Europe’s beloved summertime destination – Greece – is a treasure chest of assorted holiday hot spots, from ancient Athens for the history buffs and city breakers, to is scattering of fabulous islands: all-white, picture-perfect Santorini, swanky Mykonos, party-geared Zakynthos (with its world-famous Navagio shipwreck beach), sizable Crete and an alluring multitude of others, on both the Ionian and Aegeean sides.
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Nestled in the turquoise Ionian Sea, Corfu is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. Wildflowers, cypress, and olive trees paint a beautiful landscape, complementing the stunning sandy beaches. The west coast delights with small coves embraced by cliffs and trees, while the north unveils a rocky coastline, crystal clear waters carving pebbled bays and coves. Immerse yourself in ancient ruins, savour delectable Greek cuisine, and revel in the splendour of this unforgettable island paradise.
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Chania (pronounced “Hanya”) is considered the loveliest port town in Greece. Swallows soar in sheer blue skies above the semicircle of tall Venetian houses around its picture-perfect Old Harbour. The tables of scores of bars and restaurants line the quayside. Behind the harbour front, narrow, traffic-free shopping lanes thread through the atmospheric Old Town. On either side of the town, sandy beaches stretch along the coast.
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Mykonos is an eclectic place–pristine beaches, elegant boutiques, fine dining, and rowdy bars are all packed onto one tiny piece of land, a mere 15km long at its widest point. Partying is a round-the-clock affair here, against a scenic backdrop of whitewashed houses and Little Venice, Mykonos Town's most charming neighbourhood.
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Called "the Flower of the East" by the Venetians, Zakynthos is still one of the lushest and most-loved Greek islands, with green hillsides covered with flowers in spring and early summer, steep cliffs dropping to dazzling turquoise waters, and some of the country's best beaches.
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The largest of the Cyclades islands, Naxos stands out thanks to its unusually crisp white beaches and an exceptionally lush, fertile terrain. With none of the pretence of Mykonos or the ferocious partying of Kos, the island is a destination for those who enjoy a good hike and low-key evening entertainment. Naxos is also home to a fair share of ancient sites, off-lying mountain villages, and excellent family-run taverns.
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Rising out of the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini's other-worldly volcanic landscape of black and red-sand beaches and enormous caldera meet quintessentially Greek white-washed houses and blue-domed churches.
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One of Europe's Ancient capitals, Athens has undergone significant change in recent years. A modern metropolis with an old town feel, this is where antiquity meets futurism, and ancient monuments fuse with a trendy, cosmopolitan scene. Plaka neighbourhood is the heart of its historical centre, with labyrinthine streets leading to all manner of ancient wonders.
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Chios is a Greek island that comes alive in the summer, attracting many visitors from Athens and the mainland. This gives the island a truly authentic Greek flavor, with lively nightlife and excellent Greek cuisine. There are many sightseeing opportunities and activities to keep visitors busy for a full two weeks. Unlike many other Greek islands, Chios is not overrun with tourists, making it a unique and authentic destination for a summer vacation.
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The mythical birthplace of the goddess Hera, Samos is the greenest of the Aegean islands and surely deserves its divine reputation. Nature lovers and sun-seekers alike are attracted to its pebbled beaches, green landscapes, and impressive rocky cliffs. The island is also renowned for its vineyards and is home to the impressive ruins of the Temple of Hera, as well as the remarkable Tunnel of Eupalinos, a feat of ancient engineering that once supplied clean drinking water to the people of Pythagoreio.
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Few Greek islands boast an immaculacy comparable to that of Astypalaia — a butterfly-shaped cloistral haven rising from the stunning blue of the Aegean Sea. Captured at certain angles, Astypalaia bears a striking semblance to its not-so-distant yet far more glamorised cousin of Santorini. With its pristine beaches, whitewashed houses, and uncharted walking paths, the island is an explorer's heaven, and a find for those looking to escape the madding crowds of summer vacationers.
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Kos, a jewel among the Dodecanese islands, brims with energy every summer. Not just a sun-worshipper's paradise, Kos boasts a wealth of historic landmarks — legacies of its colourful past. Cycling enthusiasts will find joy in the bike-friendly terrain. Travellers can reach Kos via its international airport or the ferry service from Athens and nearby islands.
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Crete, the largest of Greek islands, is a place where myth meets history, where the age-old Cretan culture teems in modern villas, where the sea meets the mountains, and unspoiled nature coexists with modern tourist infrastructure. Crete has a thousand faces: one for each and every sort of traveller: the nature-lover, the explorer, the cosmopolitan, the lover of history, and the classic vulture.
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Rhodes, the pearl of the Mediterranean region, is a cosmopolitan island that combines unique natural beauty and archaeological wealth with stunning beaches and intensive nightlife. This is a place for everyone: simultaneously youthful and family friendly, romantic and modern.
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Byzantine churches, crumbling ruins, modern architecture, intense nightlife and the stunning sea — this is the essence of Thessaloniki. The second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki combines more than 2,300 years of history with young student population. The city is a perfect destination for urban explorers and a gateway to the prefecture of Halkidiki in the southeast, with the characteristic shape of the three 'legs' — Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos — a favorite vacation destination for locals. Pristine beaches and charming villages aplenty.